A Leader in Spa Chemicals and Hot Tub Products

Guardex is a leading supplier of pool, hot tub and spa care products which are used by homeowners all over the world to make hot tub and spa maintenance easier. The Guardex mission is to provide consumers with a wide variety of products which are designed to make pool and hot tub maintenance easy, quick and hassle-free. Their products are successful and as a result they have become one of the most highly reputable companies in the industry.

This company, like most other successful spa care companies, offers a wide variety of products designed to solve all pool and hot tub issues. The Guardex product line includes products such as algaecides, balancers, oxidizers and sanitizers. These products are successful in killing unwanted particles in the water so it is healthy and fresh for users. In addition, Guardex also offers complete kits which are designed to make pool and hot tub care even more convenient and easy to perform. They also provide winterizing kits and winter products to help you care for your pool or spa year-round.

Some of the popular products offered by this company include Liquid Floc Plus, Pool Water Clarifier, Clear Magic, Filter Cleaner, Crystal Coat and Tile and Vinyl Cleaner. Liquid Floc Plus is specifically designed to restore water back to its original state and provide clear, sparkling water for bathers. The Pool Water Clarifier and Clear Magic products are also used in order to achieve clean, clear water. Most of the other products are designed for removal of scum and bacteria which may be found on or near your hot tub or pool. Basically, every product you need in order to fully care for your spa or pool can be found within this company's product line.

In addition to their extensive pool care product line, Guardex also has a full line of products dedicated to spa treatment. They call this line of products Spa Essentials. In this category you will find the same types of products as you would find in the pool product line only these are designed specifically for spas ensuring that they meet the needs of a wide consumer base.

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