Hot Tub Maintenance

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Healthy

A hot tub is a fantastic thing that can contribute to overall wellness. It relaxes you alleviating stress, it is good for arthritis, type-2 diabetes, aches and pains and so many other health-related benefits. However, if you do not maintain your hot tubs and spas you can be causing harm to yourself and the environment. There are bacteria that thrive and multiply if the pH level is off and there are issues with indoor humidity issues and lung diseases if your indoor hot tub is not well maintained. Communicable diseases can even be passed if there are no sanitizers in the water.

Another thing to consider is saving money long term. You pay a chunk of cash for the hot tub, but you need to maintain it regularly to ensure it lasts and functions the way it is intended.

Chemicals: Always ensure your chemical level is in the guidelines. With chlorine and bromine if the pH level is too high it will eat your swimsuit, make your eyes sore, dry out your skin and it smells. Here are some water problems and their solutions (always, always, always follow chemical manufacturer’s instructions and always keep out of reach of children):

  • Algae (floating green, mustard, black) can be visible as a scumline on the inside water line. Action: add algaecide to kill or prevent growth.
  • Cloudy Water. Action: add clarifier and shock.
  • Staining. Polident (yes, I said Polident) works on a dry tub to get stains out. To prevent staining ensure your water is balanced. Copper, iron, manganese in chemicals can cause issues. Ask the hot tub manufacturer what he suggests to ensure it doesn’t affect your warranty.
  • Scaling. The white, gray and sometimes brown crust that lives on the waterline of the tub, much like a glass of tap water that has sat for a few days. Vinegar is a good idea except it will change the pH of the hot tub. So, the best thing to do is drain the hot tub half a foot and use a sponge, scrub away and catch the run off with a towel.

You should also change the water regularly in outdoor hot tubs for proper maintenance. There are issues in the winter with the pump overheating and then freezing over while you are draining, so ask the manufacturer the best way to do it. I recommend draining the hot tub at least once a month with regular use and balanced water.

The filters should be taken out and rinsed off with a hose at least once a week, especially if it’s outside. Leaves, insects and other debris (sometimes small animals) can get stuck in there.

I usually get my hot tub serviced once a year and it’s usually in the spring after a hard winter. The contractor usually lubes everything up and ensures the jets, blower and motors are running properly. This also ensures by default that the system is running efficiently.

For hot tub maintenance, the things to remember are: keep your water balanced properly, keep the tub free of debris, drain at regular intervals and get it serviced at least once a year.

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