Inflatable Hot Tub

Portable Hot Tubs You can Take Almost Anywhere

Unsure where you'll be living and for how long? Inflatable hot tubs are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get a hot tub quickly and also to transport to your next home.

Inflatable hot tubs are portable, inflatable spas which you can take virtually anywhere there is electricity and water. An inflatable hot tub is perfect for RVing and camping, if you have a generator and water source, most weigh less than 100 lbs. Starting at about $800 and upwards, depending on features, these are great options to a stable hot tub, which empty can weigh well over 800 lbs.

Popular Brands Include:


  • 100 micro air-jets
  • 250 gallons
  • No installation
  • Seats four people
  • The spa motor inflates it
  • 1 turbo pump and a fractional horsepower circulating pump
  • Weighs only 68 pounds
  • Plug into a 120 volt outlet
  • Temperature is controlled digitally
  • Made of tough vinyl
  • Measures 82"x 28" x 58"
  • Has a filtration system for santization
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Costs about $800 and comes with a cover

Smartub 170-2:

While the Smarttub isn't an inflatable hot tub per se, it is a portable hot tub with most of the same features:

  • Smartubs mantra is "Plug n Play"
  • 6 inches of insulation
  • Comes with Magna pump
  • Thermostat heater up to 1000 watt
  • Controls include temperature, circulation and functions
  • Vinyl-made with a leather look
  • Equipment is in the shell, not external
  • Jets
  • Plus into 120v outlet
  • Takes 15 minutes to set-up
  • Optional light transmitter kit
  • Comes in Walnut Brown or Monaco Blue
  • Rolls in and out of the house
  • Can be boxed and taken almost anywhere where there is water and electricity.
  • Weighs less than 100 lbs empty
  • Costs about $1200

There are some things to consider when buying an inflatable spa or portable hot tub. Is it worth the money? If you don't travel or move that much your money may be better spent purchasing a regular hot tub or spa. The longevity factor will be better and you can choose your own ergonomic hot tub seat configuration, which would be better for hydrotherapy and add to the whole experience.

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