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Island Escape Spas™ is a leading provider of innovative, affordable quality hot tubs for sale. Through years of manufacturing excellence, Island Escape Spas have been perfected to meet the highest standards in the industry. Beautifully designed shells with the highest quality materials, combined with more bells and whistles than the average spa hot tub, are just a couple reasons to buy Island Escape Spas™. Visit to buy a high quality Island Escape hot tub spa for sale.

Oasis Hot Tubs for Sale"Oasis" 6 Person, 40 Jet Hot Tub Spa: This VERY LARGE (7.5 FOOT) AND DEEP (37 ") hot tub spa, featuring a full size massage lounge chair, advanced hydrotherapy hot seat, deluxe bucket seating and 40 hydrotherapy water jets, could very well be the best hot tub deal on the internet...

FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX* on ALL Hot Tubs for Sale


Aquarius Hot TubsAquarius 6 Person, 86 Jet Hot Tub Spa: Get ready for spring with this VERY LARGE (7.5 FOOT) AND DEEP (37 ") best valued 6-7 person hot tub spa including one king size massage lounger and featuring a whopping 86 hydrotherapy water jets powered by 2 X 5HP pumps!...



Emerald Bay Hot Tub SpaEmerald Bay 38 Jet, 6 Person Hot Tub Spa: Go on a stress free holiday with this full sized 6 person hot tub, including a uniquely designed hydrotherapy lounge chair and comfortable bucket seating. This is the lowest priced full size hot tub for sale in the store. Both the manufacturer and ChooseHotTubsDirect are taking a low mark-up on this item to bring you a large hot tub at a crazy low price...


Cabaret Hot Tub SpasCabaret 3 Person, 41 Jet Portable Spa Hot Tub: Enjoy this uniquely shaped large 3 person portable spa with over 40 jets, a lay down massage lounger and 2 opposing hydrotherapy hot seats for just kicking back and relaxing. The lounger includes a full body massage with hydrotherapy jets that span up and down the upper body, legs and feet. In addition, this portable spa hot tub boasts supersize jets in a spinal symmetric design for a great back massage. Extra support head cushions on all seats and make this the best Island Escape Spas 3 person hot tub...


Love Triangle Portable Hot TubsLove Triangle 3 Person, 22 Jet Corner Spa Portable Hot Tub: Island Escape Spas proudly introduces this romantic 3 person STEREO corner spa portable hot tub. Featuring 2 mega-jet hydrotherapy hot seats, a full size lay down lounger, and 22 jets, this is the best portable hot tub deal on the internet. Just sit in this awesome, uniquely shaped corner hot tub and you will understand why we call it "The Love Triangle"...



Ultra Swim Spa Hot Tubs for SaleUltra Swim Spa: Island Escape Spas is proud to announce their new Ultra Swim Spa. This is a high end swim spa over 19 feet long, 7.25 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. This spectacular swim spa features a wall completely separating the two areas so that people can be relaxing in the hot tub without interrupting the person swimming in the swim spa portion. This separation also allows for two separate temperature settings, warm for the spa, but cooler for the swimming. Over 14 "big hole" jets aid in creating the jet streams, several of which are strategically placed to create a current in which you can swim against...

FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX* on ALL Hot Tubs for Sale

Factory Direct Model

Unlike other hot tub spa companies who sell only through dealer networks, Island Escape Spas sells directly to the customer. This means that Island Escape Spas customers get the best hot tub prices and more features for their money. Since Island Escape Spas deals directly with their customers on a daily basis, they understand and care about their customers.

Highest Standards in Testing!

Even after Island Escape Spas are made in the factory, they are independently tested by a third party company, and not shipped to the customer until they have "PASSED" a multitude of tests. Every spa goes through a week long of extensive testing from a third party hot tub testing company. The testing reports that are generated have over 178 tests, and a 30 page report is generated. Island Escape Spas does not ship the hot tubs until ALL tests are fully "PASSED".

Top Quality Features & Cutting Edge Innovations

Island Escape Spas are designed with some of the best materials & features in the industry. They are constantly working to improve their hot tubs spas by making them better & more cost efficient. The NEW 2009 Island Escape Spas have a beefed up synthetic frame & thick ABS bottom. They increased the size, strength and thickness of our frames on ALL their spas to ensure safe delivery to customers in other countries such as Canada and Europe. US customers of course get the benefit of a stronger, long-lasting hot tub spa. The ABS bottom is formed around the bottom of the cabinetry, and serves the purposes of added structural integrity, increased insulation from the elements, and protection from rodents and insects entering/tampering with the spa interior.

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