Today's leader in bath and spa designs

Jacuzzi Inc. is recognized as the world's largest and best-selling brand of jetted and whirlpool baths. In fact, the Jacuzzi® brand name has become synonymous with its products - much like Kleenex or Skidoo. Many individuals believe that Jacuzzi is the name of the product when in fact it is actually the name of the company that manufactures these whirlpools and jetted baths.

Jacuzzi Inc.'s dedication to innovation won the company not only the first whirlpool bath patent, but at least 250 other worldwide patents for advancements in pump systems, jet technology, air controls and product design. Jacuzzi Inc. was quickly recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient whirlpool bath companies in the world.

The Jacuzzi® brand has a long tradition. In the early 1900s, the seven brothers from the Jacuzzi family immigrated to California from Italy and invented the first enclosed cabin monoplane. This plane was used to carry mail for the U.S. Postal Service and as a passenger plane from the San Francisco Bay Area to Yosemite National Park.

Decades later, in the 1950s, the innovative Jacuzzi brothers created the portable hydrotherapy pump in order to help a family member suffering from severe arthritis. From that stroke of inspiration, a small niche business was born and the J-300 portable pump was sold to hospitals and schools. What started out as a small business, quickly evolved into a world renowned company.

With an insight into the American consumer interest in health, fitness and leisure, in 1968 Roy Jacuzzi produced and marketed the first self-contained, fully integrated whirlpool bath by incorporating jets into the sides of the tub to produce the now familiar bubbling and swirling motion. An industry was born almost overnight! The popularity of these products was overwhelming and soon these baths were in high demand by individuals and businesses all over the world.

After extensive research, the first Jacuzzi® spa was introduced to the public in 1970. This was yet another success accomplished by Jacuzzi Inc. and the response to their spas was as equally overwhelming as the response with their previous products. This company has continued its success over the past 35 years and is expected to achieve even higher levels of success in the years to come.

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