Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs Made From Wood

Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tubs are delightfully wonderful products. In modern times, it seems like most consumer products are mass produced using various types of plastic. This is not the case with Northern Lights. Their hot tubs are crafted from the finest Clear Western Red Cedar. They combine the age old methods of cooperage (barrel-making) and modern manufacturing technologies to produce one of the best esthetically-pleasing hot tubs on the market.

These hot tubs are unlike any other in the industry. Unlike some of the other spa manufacturers on the market, Northern Lights have all of the amenities of modern plastic spas including 2-stage pumps, top-quality heating systems, spa controls, filter systems and hot tub jets. They also offer optional ozone water purification systems and digital top-side control systems. Each tub comes with a 4" thick, marine-grade vinyl cover that provides excellent insulation.

Their tubs are all manufactured with the highest quality standards. Each tub stands 48" high, but the height can be reduced, at no charge, should the customer request it. They use only 304L grade steel straps and screws to eliminate the possibility of oxidization or rust. Northern Lights also offers three different heating systems for their hot tubs; gas/propane, electric or a wood-fired, chofu boiler system. The wood burning systems are ideal for cottages or for people in remote locations. This is a brilliant alternative to gas or electric heating and could potentially save hundreds of dollars per year in heating costs.

They have four models to choose from, although they differ only in diameter and jet configuration. Each tub comes standard with 4 jets, although the option to increase them exists. The 56" model is designed to accommodate 3 to 4 people. It can be fitted with up to 6 jets and holds approximately 350 gallons of water. The 65" model is intended to hold 6 people. It can be fitted with up to 8 jets and has a water capacity of 480 gallons. The 74" model will comfortably hold 6 to 8 people. This model can have up to 10 jets and holds 620 gallons. Lastly, the 84" model can accommodate 8 to 10 people. It can be fitted with up to 10 jets and can hold 825 gallons.

As these tubs are constructed from cedar, they provide natural aromatherapy for their users. Northern Lights Hot Tubs also offers their customers a number of optional upgrades, including staircases, storage cases and shelving systems. If you are looking for a hot tub that harkens back to a time since passed, consider a Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tub. You can compliment it with the Northern Lights Cedar Sauna.

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