Northern Lights Cedar Saunas

Compliments the Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tub

From the company that brought you the brilliant all cedar hot tub comes one of the greatest saunas to ever see the light of day. As with their hot tub designs, Northern Lights Cedar Saunas use an age old technique, known as cooperage, to construct their saunas. Cooperage is also known as barrel-making.

Northern Lights Cedar Saunas use the latest technology including computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to bring you a top quality product. They use only the finest materials in the construction of their saunas. Each sauna is constructed from select-grade, western red cedar. Cedar is the perfect choice for outdoor applications and has long been the premier choice of material for saunas.

They offer only one size of sauna, which they call the cottage size. It can accommodate up to 8 people, so there will be plenty of room for family and friends. There are two benches included, each at a different height to meet everyone’s needs. The doors are pre-hung using clear red western cedar. The sauna doors come with real brass hardware and are fully insulated. They also have an optional tempered glass door that contains a double-paned, high heat, tinted glass window.

The heating systems in these saunas are excellent and highly efficient. They use Home Craft sauna heaters, which they consider the best in the world. These heaters can be powered by gas, electricity or wood. The wood burning heaters are made in Finland and are ideal for people in remote locations. The wood burning stove also has glass doors, so you can watch the wood burn as it keeps your sauna at the right temperature.

These saunas are also highly portable. They are constructed in a modular design, so they are simple to assemble and disassemble. The circular design of the sauna is highly conducive to the natural convection of heat and steam and allows for a more even distribution of each. The aromatic scent of cedar also provides a natural aromatherapy, which will help you to fully relax at the end of a long day.

If you are looking for a quality sauna made from natural materials, employing modern building techniques with age old design principles, look no further than Northern Lights Cedar Saunas. This is a sauna like no other.

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