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How to Get What You Pay For When Buying a Hot Tub

To a new hot tub buyer many hot tubs look the same, however; the reality is you really get what you pay for and the pricing information may be a little confusing. Plus, there are many things to consider when you are researching your hot tub besides the esthetics. I'm not saying the esthetics aren't important because a hot tub should always fit the environment around it, but if you are a new hot tub buyer there are other things to consider. It's a big purchase and doing your homework will only benefit you in the future. Hot tubs cost upwards from $2000 depending on the model, the size, the brand, the features, the pump & blower system, the construction and many other factors. On average, it costs about $15 a month in energy costs to operate.

Here are some things to consider when researching your hot tub and its pricing:

Warranties: Hot Tub manufacturers all have different warranties. Some warranties are limited, some are lifetime and like most warranties there are terms of 1-year, 2-years, etc. We have a list of hot tub and home spa manufacturers, which clearly lays out the warranties of popular brands. Some hot tub distributors and manufacturers also have extended warranty plans available at a cost to you.

Brands: Many distributors of hot tubs are good at helping you decide which hot tub or spa is best suited for you and your family, especially distributors who deal with many brands. My advice here is to look for the features you require, the warranty and ultimately, its construction and the fit for you. Popular hot tub brands are great because it shows companies are established and that the products work effectively. However, as with all purchases you should overlook the name and think about the quality for the best price.

Features: When I bought my first hot tub I really had no idea what was involved. To me, it was all about water, the odd jet and a place to sit. It never dawned on me that the neck area would be so important. My advice is to get in the spa, close your eyes and imagine sitting there for 20 minutes. Will your neck hurt? Think about it. It's like choosing a bed, no matter how embarrassing it is to try the beds out in the store, everyone is there for the same reason. Just try it, trust me, the embarrassment will be worth it.

Jets: Hot tub jets are important, especially if they are placed in the ideal location. Some of us are taller than others and the right jet at the right level can really make a difference, especially for lower back pain and circulation issues. Water is a symbol of new life and rebirth, wouldn't the investment you make in a hot tub be worth the extra money to ensure your body is running at its best. Arthritic people really benefit and it can be a life changing addition. Hydrotherapy at its finest. If you really can't spare the extra money to get the jets now at least find a spa which can be upgraded later.

Seating: We've probably all dipped our toes into a hot tub to test the water, then stepped down into the tub and "missed our step" and did a face plant. Which really isn't that embarrassing but it would be absolutely mortifying if you soaked an unsuspecting stranger or the in-laws who never get their heads wet. So, think about where people will be getting in and out and also the level of the seats. Little kids can't sit in adult seats and tall people can't sit in kid's seats, etc. This isn't rocket science, but it is something to consider. That said, if you don't like your in-laws, it would be fun to…

Cool Hot Tub Accessories:

  • Hot tub sound systems for hot tubs have become one of the trendiest spa accessories in the past couple of years. The price of these fantastically fun entertainment systems range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands, depending on your preference. There are also hot tubs which allow music to come out of the water, providing music and hydro therapy in one swoop.
  • Hot Tub TVs! Oh yes. If you didn't know about hot tub TVs, you do now and I know you want one. These TVs are more expensive than a conventional TVs because, obviously, they have to be waterproofed. Think of this…middle of winter, 2 feet of snow on the ground, stars, a hockey game, snacks and you sitting in your spa warm as toast. Sounds like a great night to me.
  • Hot tub lighting is the epitome of the right experience. Having a frat party? Try the strobe lighting. Having a romantic night? Nice calming lights can make all the difference. You get the idea. Pricing can be a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.
  • Hot Tub Waterfalls. The sound of running water has proven to relax and uplift the soul. You need one, trust me. Not just for you, but if you have whiny kids who won't go to bed, you need this. Waterfalls are generally built-in with purchase, but you can find ones to add separately.

Hot Tubs and home spas can be as individual as you are. By using different colors, ionizers, ozone generators, chemicals, filters, encasings, stairs and the construction and many other factors, your hot tub is unique. I have one thing to say to you before embarking on your spa-buying adventure. Do your homework and get the right hot tub for you, for the right price.

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