Water Thermometer

Regulating Your Hot Tub Water Temperature

Hot tub thermometers are one of the most critical spa accessories on today's market. Without a thermometer, users are in danger of bathing in water that is potentially too hot for your body. A water thermometer is submerged in the water of a hot tub or spa and will indicate (usually within one degree) the temperature of the water. This will ensure the temperature of the water is appropriate for the type of bather using the hot tub.

Common sense will indicate that the temperature of your hot tub or spa water should be lower when the tub is being used by children. Many hot tub manufacturers will advise you to keep your children from using the hot tub at all. Should you decide to let them go in the hot tub despite the manufacturer's suggestion, it is best that you lower the temperature to at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a thermometer will allow you to regulate the temperature of the water in order to ensure the safety of all users.

There are a number of types of hot tub and spa thermometers on today's market. When shopping for your thermometer, make sure you choose a thermometer that is designed specifically for use in hot tubs and home spas. Some thermometers will burst when they come in contact with extremely hot water, so you want to make sure your thermometer is designed for the water temperatures common in hot tubs. When it comes to hot tub thermometers, the choices and designs are endless so finding a suitable thermometer should be fairly easy.

There are a number of thermometers that simply float around in the hot tub or spa as you bath. These are the most effective because they are more accurate than models that stay in one place. Floating thermometers provide an accurate reading of what temperatures may be like throughout the entire hot tub whereas stabilized models are limited to only the area where they are placed. If you prefer a stabilized model there are a number of designs which can be attached to the ladder of your tub.

In addition to the different types of water thermometers, there are also a number of fun designs to choose from. Many families choose the rubber ducky designs; thermometers attached to some form of fish or animal or simply those designs that are available in many different shapes and colors. The dolphin thermometer seems to be the most popular, but the options are virtually endless.

Most water thermometers are made out of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is a durable material that can withstand water at the highest of temperatures. Make sure you choose a thermometer that is both weather and chemical resistant. A thermometer will allow you to make sure your water does not exceed the optimal hot tub water temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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