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Common Concerns Associated with Installing and Removing Hot Tubs

There are a number of questions potential and current hot tub owners have regarding installation and removal of residential spas. The installation and removal process requires a significant amount of time and knowledge in order to ensure they are performed correctly. In order to help you with these processes, we have compiled valuable information regarding common questions associated with the installation and removal of these luxury items.

Potential hot tub owners have a million questions which need to be answered before they are ready to purchase a hot tub. It is a good idea to ask as many questions as possible in order to ensure you are approaching the situation correctly. If you have plans to build a spa , there are a number of guidelines which need to be followed and requirements which need to be met before you can erect one of these units in your home or yard.

In contrast, individuals who already own one of these items and, for whatever reason, are choosing to remove the home spa also need to follow a certain procedure in order to remove the unit successfully. You cannot just remove the spa without following the proper guidelines. Relocating a spa will have a unique procedure as well. If you are thinking of relocating your spa, there is valuable information regarding this process that will help you in your relocation efforts.

Many families who decide to move wish to take their spas with them when they go. There are many guidelines and procedures which need to be addressed and outlined completely before the move. Moving with a hot tub is a rather difficult process – sometimes it is easier to increase the price of your home just enough to allow you to install a new hot tub at your new home.

If you are unsure of any specific requirements associated with hot tubs and home spas, it is best to ask a licensed contractor or professionally qualified electrician who can address your problems and assist you with any concerns you may have. Never attempt to move, install or relocate your spa on your own as you will run the risk of personal injury and permanently damaging your spa.

Removing a Home Spa


We are moving and leaving our home spa behind. However, the buyer doesn't want it and would like us to remove it before we leave. Any suggestions on how we should go about this? -Jeff and Kaye


Before taking on this task there are some things to consider. Do you have enough clearance in the area? Does your tub have a skirt? If it's outdoors how high is the deck? To call someone in for help you can expect to spend around $1,000 for removal and transportation. If you insist to do it solo be aware that hot tubs are very heavy, when separated from their enclosures, and you will need help to lift it.

Relocating a Hot Tub


I recently bought a house with an indoor hot tub. I want to move it to the deck outside. Do you have any advice for what I should consider before moving it out? -Kevin


The first thing you should consider before moving your tub is the climate. If you live in a colder climate then you would have to think about upgrading your tub insulation. You also need to make sure you get an appropriate cover. Covers for outdoor hot tubs have more insulation and are more durable for varying weather conditions. Without taking proper tub insulation and a suitable cover into consideration, heating costs could end up being enormous.

Also, the task of moving your tub outside may also be a challenge. Not all tubs are meant for outdoor use, so you should check with your local spa store to see if your tub can make the move in the first place. If numerous upgrades and accessories are needed, you may find it more cost efficient to start from scratch and buy a new tub designed for varying climate conditions. For a quick fix, learn about hot tub kits on our Portable Hot Tubs page.

Because complications may easily arise, I recommend bringing in professional help to assist with the move and re-installation. Make sure the deck surface is ready for the hot tub, which includes a level surface with a solid base built into your deck. Click on Luxury Options to access our Hot Tub Decks section.

Moving with a Hot Tub


In 2000 I bought a large spa hot tub. I've recently moved from Virginia to Florida and want to ship the hot tub to my new home. Is this a feasible idea?


Hot tubs are heavy, whether its wood or fiberglass, so don't try and do it alone. As long as the new site is properly equipped for reinstallation, which includes a sturdy concrete or patio slab base and a reliable water and electricity supply, the only obstacle is getting it there. Rent a truck or hire a moving company.

Plans to Build a Spa


I would like to build an outdoor sauna, and am looking for plans to help me out. Are blueprint-like instructions availabl, or do I have to buy a do-it-yourself kit? -Leah


The answer is yes. There are plans available on the web and there are also books that will help guide you through the step-by-step process of constructing your own sauna. Take a look at our Home Saunas section for lots of information, including more on Sauna Kits !


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