Jacuzzi® Tub

Adding a Jacuzzi® air bath to your home

Jacuzzi® air baths are similar to the company's line of jetted baths, except the jets expel only air bubbles, instead of a stream of air and water mixed together. The result is a gentler massaging effect than you find in jetted baths (which can be quite vigorous). Some people may prefer this type of massage whereas others may prefer the stronger massage provided by jetted baths. The decision really depends on each person individually and what they expect from their bath.

Jacuzzi Inc. offers a line of nine different styles of air baths, all of which are available in a range of colors. The variety of colors offered by this company was designed in order to suit the needs of a wide consumer base and a number of types of decors. Consumers can choose from a number of styles and designs until they find a model that suits their needs perfectly. All of Jacuzzi Inc.'s air baths are in the $2,000 to $3,000 price range, which is an affordable price considering the benefits of these products.

Like other Jacuzzi Inc. products, air baths are built from a scratch-resistant acrylic shell and come in a number of shapes that fit almost every imaginable bathroom layout. These baths will last a long time due to their strong design and durable construction. Although these air baths are designed with scratch resistant materials which are expected to last for many years, proper care and maintenance of these baths is critical. Should you neglect to take care of your bath, you risk the chance of it becoming permanently damaged beyond repair.

Air baths require less plumbing (and installation cost!) than jetted baths. As a result, you can comfortably add oils, salts and foams to your bath without any fear of damaging an expensive internal pump/motor. Air baths allow for more versatility when it comes to accessories and additional features such as the types of oils and salts discussed above.

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