Jacuzzi® Bath Tub

Relax in a soaking tub by Jacuzzi Inc.

Jacuzzi® soaking baths are not your standard bathtubs. The Jacuzzi company has applied its legendary flair for elegant design to standard bath tubs and produced a stunning line of contoured tubs that will fit any décor and family budget. These bath tubs are intricately designed to provide users with the best bathing experience possible.

Jacuzzi Inc. offers a total of 43 different soaking baths in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Most models are available in a wide range of designer colors and styles, offering a variety of choices to suit the needs of all shoppers. Prices begin around $500 and go up to about $1,500. For the most part, these Jacuzzi® baths are well priced, especially in regards to the amount of benefits they provide for users. All Jacuzzi® soaking bath tubs offer deep, contoured seating, some even have arm rests, so you can sit comfortably while your entire body relaxes under the water.

All of Jacuzzi Inc.'s soaking baths are made with durable, scratch-resistant acrylic. For the height of elegant bathing, check out Jacuzzi Inc.'s line of corner baths with skirting. Because of the corner design, these tubs will fit in the smallest of bathrooms. These tubs are perfect space-savers because they provide more room for smaller bathrooms which require additional space for medicine cabinets, storage spaces and other bathroom accessories.

Take your time and look through a number of models and designs before making any decisions. Each soaking bath offers different features and accessories which will determine how well it suits your needs and your home décor. Make sure you choose a model that's compatible with the type of bathroom you have; if you have a smaller bathroom it is highly suggested that you opt for a corner bath to maximize the amount of space you do have. Despite the type of soaking bath you choose, Jacuzzi Inc. will provide you with a way to relax and enjoy the time you spend at home.

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