Jacuzzi® Spas

A home spa design for every homeowner

As the inventor of jetted tubs and the entire hydrotherapy revolution, Jacuzzi Inc. is the undisputed king of the home spa industry. This company is known all over the world as a leading producer of home spa and bath products. They are reliable and reputable and strive to provide their customers with top of the line products.

Jacuzzi® spas have become an increasingly popular product offered by this company and their designs are in high demand by a number of consumers looking to purchase a home spa. Jacuzzi Inc. began making outdoor spas in the 1970s, applying its renowned design flair and high technical standards to the rapidly growing market for outdoor relaxation. There are a number of models and designs to choose from in order to suit the demands of a wide variety of consumers.

Marketed under the Jacuzzi® premium brand name, Jacuzzi Inc. manufactures eight models of outdoor spas in a range of sizes - the smallest of which is suitable for indoor use! Indoor models tend to be less expensive when it comes to the basic design, probably because of their smaller size, however there needs to be adequate space indoors in order for this type of spa to perform effectively. The type of spa you choose will depend on your personal preferences, the amount of money you are willing to spend and the amount of available space in your home.

Jacuzzi® spas have the capacity to seat up to seven people and feature up to 43 power jets, underwater lighting, double control systems and up to three pumps. The best high quality design offered by this company features high power jets and spacious seating to suit their customers most common requests. Although this model would run at a fairly high cost, there are a number of Jacuzzi® spa models which are affordable for consumers with smaller budgets. Regardless of size or cost, Jacuzzi premium spas are the perfect way to shed the stress of a long day at the office or to provide therapeutic relief for a wide range of physical ailments.

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