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Answering Your Hot Tub and Spa Concerns

Are you frustrated with your hot tub, home spa or sauna? Do you have questions or concerns regarding the installation of your unit? Maybe you want to move or relocate your hot tub to another home? Whatever your questions may be, our experts have the answers!

It is our goal to provide hot tub and spa owners with answers to common questions. A number of readers have submitted questions, comments and concerns which have been thoroughly reviewed and answered by our team of experts. We want to help you learn more about your hot tub or home spa and will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

To submit a question, write to us at . Please include your name and location for verification purposes only.

Questions are generally answered within 3 weeks of submission and will appear in the Ask the Spa & Hot Tub section of our site. Please note that your name will be omitted from the page in order to secure your privacy.

Although we try our best to answer all questions in a quick, effective manner there specific issues we are incapable of addressing. Please keep in mind the following:

  • We do not reply directly to questions via email. Your answers will be found on the site, in the Ask the Spa & Hot Tub Expert section.
  • We do not sell products through our website. As a result, we cannot help you find specific supplies, equipment or product-related information. Please check the Shopping Links at the top of each page to reach the appropriate suppliers.
  • We do not make referrals to manufacturers or suppliers.

We are dedicated to answering your questions and are interested in the types of issues you're dealing with. We encourage the submission of questions and are looking forward to helping you with your hot tub and spa difficulties. We hope you find the information helpful and that all your hot tub and spa problems are solved.

Remember to bookmark this site! Bookmarking our site will allow you to quickly and easily check for new questions and answers to common hot tub issues.

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