Steam Rooms

Benefits of Adding a Steam Room to Your Home

Steam rooms use steam and heat to achieve the same dry-sweat therapeutic benefits of saunas. These systems are very effective in producing many health related benefits which can greatly enhance your living environment.

Home steam rooms trace their roots back to the rituals of ceremonial bathing and cleansing that have existed for thousands of years, in many forms. The Japanese, Greeks, Turks, Russians and Native Americans have forms of sweat baths in their bathing rituals. Ancient Romans were also enthusiastic advocates of the steam bath. The on-going interest in steam baths throughout the centuries eventually inspired inventors to create the same types of products for today's homes.

Home steam rooms are more modest in scale, but they still vary widely. The kind you choose depends on whether you want your steam experience to be a social or private affair. The type you choose will also depend on the amount of money your budget will allow you to spend.

There are a number of sizes associated with steam rooms. These rooms can be large or small, depending on the amount of space in your home and the amount of money you can afford to spend. Steam closets are the smallest form of steam “room” on the market. This type of room resembles shower stalls with a molded seat to rest on while the cleansing power of the steam gives a full-body treatment. Often, steam closets include full jet nozzles for traditional showering and preset controls to provide a system of steam and rinsing for the bather.

Larger steam rooms can be more like a traditional sauna with wooden or tiled walls and a central steam generator . Even though steam rooms are sometimes referred to as 'wet saunas' and some benefits are the same, a sauna is dry while a steam bath is wet.

If building your own steam chamber is something you're interested in doing, be certain to have all elements of your room inspected for safety, structural stability and electrical and plumbing standards. If you neglect to address these issues you may end up ruining your existing home and your new steam room.

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