Kohler Whirlpool Tub

A Leader in Bath Tub Design

Kohler Co. is one of the world leaders in bathroom design. Featuring a wide range of innovative and stylish products for bathrooms including baths, whirlpool baths, faucets, toilets and sinks, Kohler has it all. This company is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality bath products on today's market.

Kohler's whirlpool baths range from the very serene infinity edge bath in a rectangular design, to the large, round in-ground tubs. Kohler even offers corner baths. Most of their baths feature multiple jets to maximize relaxation - some tubs bubble, others swirl and some models even have mini waterfalls. For those of you who prefer the best of all worlds, Kohler may even custom design tubs with all three features in one: swirling, bubbling and waterfalls. By mimicking the sight, sound and feel of nature, Kohler brings peace into the modern bathroom.

There is great design flexibility in Kohler tubs. With a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes, Kohler's acrylic whirlpool tubs are modernly elegant. They also offer a variety of installation options and many tubs feature innovative options to access equipment for maintenance purposes after the initial installation.

Kohler's objective is to provide bath designs which will meet the needs of all types of consumers with all types of budgets. There are a number of basic designs for individuals who aren't keen on spending a great deal of money. In contrast, there are also a number of elaborate and elegant designs for individuals and families who are willing to spend a great deal of money in order to receive the best tub possible.

This company also offers a number of additional accessories for your bathroom. Kohler whirlpool baths feature some exciting options which will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether you want a heater, timer, keypad and/or control system or a pillow, Kohler has a myriad of design options for a luxurious bathroom experience. Everything you need to suit your needs and budget can be found through this company. Kohler tubs truly provide consumers with the ability to relax at the end of a long day.

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