Whirlpool Bath

An Innovation in Jetted Baths

The clawfoot style whirlpool tub mixes the classic shape of an old fashion tub complete with durable and glossy surface, with warm circular bubbling action and blower speed control. Clawfoots are named for the four little legs on the four sides of the tub that are decorated in a curled design sometimes resembling clawed feet. This type of bath tub is perfect for any home décor and compliments décor in both historical and modern homes.

Jetted tubs are a generic term that simply identifies tubs with water jets. They can have jet blowers that are mounted on the side, on the back or shooting from the inner bottom surface of the tub. Jetted tubs come in all sizes ranging from 1- 12 people, and because of the molded shells, they can be manufactured in intricate shapes and designs such as classic, contemporary, romantic and modern. The more jets you choose for your bath, the stronger the circulatory force of the water and the more likely you are to feel the massaging motion provided by these devices.

Air jetted or air massage tubs add air to standard water blowers. This produces a relaxing massaging effect and most resembles a hot tub or spa's bubbling heated waters. The force of air jet or air massage features is usually softer than that provided by jetted tubs.

Custom whirlpools provide even greater opportunities to explore the divine experience of a relaxing and soothing bath. Unique shapes and additional features like aromatherapy provide additional sensory stimulation and unique opportunities for enjoyment of your heated-water haven. This type of whirlpool can also incorporate themed shapes such as hearts or diamonds that are often chosen for personal gifts to loved ones. A heart shaped whirlpool is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

The cost of purchasing a whirlpool highly depends on the company, the design and additional features associated with the tub you choose. Generally, the more features you choose, the more expensive the tub will cost. Likewise, custom whirlpools will also be significantly more expensive than basic forms due to the work involved in the special design of these tubs. Decide how much money you can afford to spend before shopping for one of these items. Then, choose the design and features for your whirlpool bath tubaccording to the amount of money you want to spend in order to ensure you don't spend more than your budget allows.

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