Whirlpool Tubs

The World of Whirlpool Baths

While Jacuzzi® whirlpool tubs were the first and are still one of the most familiar brands, there are many other options of whirlpool tubs available. Of course, whirlpools are designed to draw bath water, that is not re-circulated with pumps and heaters, for continuous use as with hot tubs or spas. There are many available bathing options when it comes to these types of baths.

Whirlpool baths allow the user to have a normal bath - with no jets or water circulation - making them perfect for individuals who aren't fond of the moving water options. For those individuals who choose to use the other water features, there are a number of options to choose from. The jets can be used to circulate the water in a massaging motion or an overall swirling motion. The number of jets you choose for your bath will depend on the amount of circulation and force you wish to experience.

The swirling water in whirlpool tubs, combined with a gentle force, will produce a massage-like feeling in the body. This motion will increase the blood flow throughout the body and underlying tissues of the skin. This will allow for the cells to take in more oxygen and release more waste which will ultimately restore aching muscles to their original state and leave your body feeling healthier and rejuvenated.

The designs and styles of the actual whirlpool tubs themselves are strong and durable for maximum efficiency. With the wide array of manufacturers to choose from, the design options of these types of tubs are endless. Whirlpool moldings provide the opportunity for different shaped tubs including oval, circular and classic rectangular or square shapes. There are even a number of whirlpool manufacturers which design and sell heart shaped whirlpool tubs and other unique shapes and designs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a whirlpool tub for your home or business, there are a number of designs and companies to choose from. Research a number of companies before making any decisions or purchases in order to ensure you get the type of tub you're looking for. The cost of these tubs will vary according to the design, size and manufacturing company. Set a budget before you begin shopping in order to ensure you don't spend more money than you can afford.

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