Hot Tubs, Home Spas and Whirlpool Baths

How to Buy the Perfect Hot Tub or Home Spa

There has been phenomenal growth in the home spa and hot tub industry. Millions of homeowners are discovering the health benefits of home spas and the industry has produced many manufacturing innovations that make home spas and hot tubs more affordable, more portable and easier to install. But, you already know that and that's why you're here.

Hot Tubs and Home Spas is your one-stop information resource for homeowners thinking about investing in a home spa, hot tub, sauna, Jacuzzi® tub, swim spa or related products. Hot tubs from 10-years ago are now considered dated, especially with the technological advances of spa jets and the knowledge that hydrotherapy can help diseases like arthritis and type-2 diabetes. Spas are also purported to help with weight loss and the eradication of cellulite.

New trends in hot tubs and home spas include: spa ozonators, better chemicals and filtration, aromatherapy fragrances and many new hot tub manufacturers and brands to make the existing manufacturers work harder to earn your business.

The biggest luxury trends this year are hot tub entertainment systems, spa TVs and DVD combinations, plus fiber optic hot tub lighting and LED lighting for a complete hydrotherapy mind and body experience.

Hot Tubs and Home Spas includes information on the most common types of spa products, plus a wide range of shopping tips to make sure you make the best investment possible. For example, the hot tub's jets are one of the most important things to consider as well as the seating configuration when choosing your spa.

Do you know what you need to get the maximum benefit for you and your family for the minimal cost? It's covered in here along with answers to many consumer questions. In fact, if you have questions that aren't answered here contact and we'll answer it for you. Or, if you'd like to provide an original review of hot tub and home spa related products, we'd be happy to add it and give you the credit.

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Your new home spa or hot tub will certainly become one of the favorite areas of your home and a good soak after a long day will become one of your most eagerly anticipated activities! Also, check out our brief section about saunas. Hot tubs and saunas go hand-in-hand.

We hope you enjoy our site as you dip your toes into the exciting world of hot tubs and spas!